Under the Patronage of
His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum
Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai

Under the Patronage of
His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum
Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai


WTS Goals and Objectives

  • To be a platform to spread the message of tolerance and love among communities and families
  • To safeguard and promote values of tolerance in the educational system, which includes schools, universities, and other educational institutions. 
  • To create workplaces, where employees are offered equal opportunities and fair treatment, irrespective of their race and creed
  • To forge local, regional and international dialogues, and partnerships in support of UAE’s aim to become the Global Capital for Tolerance
  • To spread UAE’s message of tolerance through local and international campaigns in traditional media as well as social media platforms
  • Promote values of tolerance and coexistence through cultural actiivities with a focus on future generation


A unique library that offers an insight into the writings on tolerance and pluralism by world-renowned authors.The works that unfold various aspects of building a tolerant society would bridge the knowledge gap in understanding why there is a need to have a more tolerant society.

Conference will focus on how education and knowledge-sharing can be a powerful tool to raise awareness on tolerance in diversity.

The conference will analyse issues vital to the promotion of tolerance and peaceful co-existence, and its impact on the social fabric of the society. 

A microcosm of society - women, youth, educators, employees, students, artists, government officials, entrepreneurs - will join the conference to share their insights on building a tolerant society.

Tolerance Decathlon is a unique challenge for the student community to exhibit their perspectives on tolerance through various art forms, such as stage plays, short stories, paintings, research papers, as well as present their initiatives that would serve the society.
Ministries of local and international governments are provided with an opportunity to showcase the measures they have adopted at the workplaces to promote unity in diversity, and peaceful co-existence among the employees. They can also feature their sponsored-activities of tolerance in this segment of the summit.
High-profile leaders from across the world will convene to conduct open dialogues to promote stronger cooperation and understanding among countries to achieve a tolerant world. 
Arists will be invited to showcase their masterpieces, and they can compete for WTS Best Art and Best Photography Awards. Their winning creation will be shared on WTS social media platforms in recognition of their efforts in the promotion of tolerance through art.
Tolerance Tube, which will be broadcasted on YouTube, is a visual media platform for people across the world to participate in the World Tolerance Summit. The global community can send their questions to summit speakers or by sharing their own thoughts on topics discussed during the summit.
Gala Dinner features an award ceremony, cultural programmes of students, and a poetry reading session. Key partners and sponsors of the summit will be honoured for their selfless efforts to support initiatives that promote values of tolerance and coexistence in the society. 
A series of discussion will be conducted on topics focusing mainly on the role and contribution of youth, women and families in promoting peace and tolerance in the society. The Majilis for Tolerance will also discuss about the importance of having a more tolerant approach towards people of determination.


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